Repairing a Cracked Plaster Ceiling

Do you need to know how to repair a plaster ceiling? The process is pretty straightforward, and here is a step by step list of what you need to do.

Materials Needed

  • Scraper
  • Putty knife
  • Joint compound (or spackling)
  • Regular sandpaper or a sanding pad
  • Primer and paint colour matched to your ceiling


1. First, examine the crack or chip to see how deep it is. If it is very deep, you may want to hire someone who is experienced to fix the area for you, because a deep crack will require more time and expertise than a simple chip. If you feel you can tackle this job yourself, move on to step two.

2. Apply joint compound to each crack by running a thin layer along the length of each crack with the putty knife until they are filled in evenly. Once you are done, let it dry before continuing to step three. (Note: If the joint compound doesn't fill the crack, you should allow the first layer of joint compound to dry before applying another one.)    

3. Sand down the crack now that it is filled in with joint compound, and then wipe off any excess with a damp cloth. You want it smooth without any marks from the sandpaper. Once you have finished sanding it smooth, let it dry before applying primer and paint. (Note: apply two or three layers of primer if needed.) When everything is dry, apply your first coat of paint and then one or two more coats depending on how thick you applied them before moving onto step four.    

4. Your ceiling should now be sealed with a one or two-layer sealant. Make sure that the sealant is dry first before attempting to move on to the next step otherwise you will get water damage from condensation and leaks.

5. Now you can start painting your ceiling. The best way to paint is to cover the ceiling with a drop cloth and then start painting from the top down, this will allow for easy application of paint strokes into the corners of the ceiling. Painted ceilings tend to last longer than unpainted ones since moisture can't accumulate on them as easily. Once your ceiling has been painted, it should look as good as new!

If you would like more info, you should contact a contractor that offers plaster ceiling repair and restoration services today. They will be happy to help you.

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