Popular Glass Shower Screen Designs for Small Bathrooms

There is a vast array of unique furnishing and decorative features that you can add to a bathroom to reflect your style and taste. One of the most preferred furnishing in modern homes is a glass shower screen. The sophisticated feel makes a glass shower screen the perfect add-on for big and small bathrooms. However, certain glass shower screens are not suitable for small bathrooms. Therefore, you must exercise due diligence to install the right fit. This article highlights glass shower screen styles which are ideal for small bathrooms.

Sliding Glass Shower Screens

When choosing a glass shower screen for a small bathroom, homeowners must think of saving space. Unfortunately, glass shower screens with hinged doors swing both ways and take a lot of space. Therefore, rather than go for a hinged glass shower screen, opt for sliding door design. The model allows a glass door to slide along a track, saving significant space in a small bathroom. Additionally, you do not have to worry about the glass shower screen hitting anything as you open or close it, which minimizes the chances of accidents.

Frameless Glass Shower Screens

The glass shower screen you buy for a small bathroom should occupy a limited space physically and visually. However, you are less likely to achieve both design aspects with a framed glass shower screen because it does not create a sense of fluidity. In this regard, a seamless glass shower screen design is the perfect choice for your bathroom. Frameless glass shower screens are notorious for saving a lot of space. They not only take up limited visual space but the seamless design of frameless shower screens also allows light to flow throughout a bathroom unhindered. Besides, the design does not create any shadows on bathroom walls, especially if there is a window.

Glass Shower Panel

If you have a tiny bathroom, simplicity should determine your choice of a glass shower screen. Therefore, instead of installing several glass screens around a small bathroom, opt for a single glass shower panel. Unlike the traditional glass shower screen, a glass shower panel adds style and functionality without enclosing an entire bathroom. The best part is that single glass shower panels come in varying sizes, which means that you can find one that fits your bathroom regardless of its size. Most importantly, the design is easy to clean and features a floor strip that seals out water.

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