Was Your Electrical Installation Done Poorly? Here Are Three Signs You Might Need It Redone

Electrical installation is a very precise job that requires an extensive background as an electrician with good practices and trusted employees. Most of the time electrical installation goes off without a hitch and the family (or business) enjoys their power for decades with no problem. However, sometimes poor jobs do happen, and if you have just moved into a home with bad wiring or have lived in it since the building was built, it can be very frustrating to have to put up with. Here are three signs your electrical installation was done poorly and that you need to get it redone as soon as possible.

Unreliable Power

The number one sign of a poor electrical installation is simple: an unreliable electrical grid. Unless you live in an area where power outages happen often (and these places are very rare across Australia) there should never be a flickering of lights, appliances shutting themselves off or the water refusing to heat up. These are symptoms of a badly wired electrical grid that has crossed wires, poor components that can't handle the load or badly organised switchboards. In any case, you need to fix this problem, and that will require a full new electrical installation.

Sparking Outlets

When you plug your appliances into your power outlets, do you ever see them spark? If so, then you should stop what are you doing straight away. There are many safety precautions put in place in Australian electrical systems which should kick in before you start to see visible sparks flying. For these sparks to be visible, not only does it signify a quite serious health risk but it also shows that the installation was done so poorly that the safety precautions (grounding, breakers tripping, etc.) are not functioning properly. Stop trying to use the outlets that these sparks are coming from and call a professional right away.

Burnt Smell

Almost all of your electrical installation is done out of sight, which means you have to rely on other senses for information about electrical problems. The most common way of telling if there is a problem behind the scenes is simple: smell. You have quite an acute awareness of burning due to your sense of smell, and if you get a whiff of burning with no visible source, you should immediately be sceptical. Always trust your gut even if you have no proof for it because it is best to be safe rather than sorry. Most electricians can do a simple inspection of your home for a very small fee, and if there is a problem, they will find it quickly. 

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