Concrete Mixer Trailers: Safety Precautions You Must Know When Using Them on Site

Concrete mixer trailers are a common scenario in construction sites these days. These trailers come in all shapes and sizes. From small units that can be pushed around by hand to large tanker-like units fitted on trucks, you have the option to choose something that will match your project needs. These trailers suit anything from large-scale construction projects to small do-it-yourself projects that you can handle at home. Either way, safety is an important consideration when using any kind of concrete mixer trailer for hire. Here are the precautions you must take when using them: 

Protective Wear 

The first step involves shielding your body from the potential harm that could be caused by the concrete you are handling and parts of the trailer. You or your workers must wear a set of long sleeved shirts, goggles and protective gloves. You should also wear closed shoes and practice general safety precautions. A good example is to avoid putting your hands and feet in the machine when it is running. 

Mix Concrete Correctly 

The materials you are putting into the mixer also have an effect on the wellbeing of the machine. It is important to evaluate these materials, taking note of any special requirements indicated by the manufacturer or service providers. First, the concrete you are mixing should have enough water. It should not be too dry or too wet. Stick to the ratios indicated on concrete products showing the amount of cement you should mix with a certain quantity of water, ballast, sand and stone. Perfect ratios facilitate smooth movement of the mixer's drum while inadequate water means that the drum will need lots of power to slosh the mixture around. 

Ready the Trailer

Before you start loading your cement mixture into the mixer, you need to prepare the trailer so that it can handle the work all through the session. Begin by setting it on a flat, stable surface close top water supply. Secondly, check the manufacturer's labels to ascertain any weight limitations on the part of the concrete loader. Overloading the mixer for long periods can lead to serious injuries for those using the mixer. It also elevates the risk of mechanical breakdowns. 

Clean the Mixer

Concrete mixer trailers look tough and rugged, all ready for the hardships of the construction industry. These tough looks are often to the disadvantage of the trailer mixer. Many people do not clean them after use. When the concrete dries, it can damage the mixer.

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