Why a Metal Roof Is a Perfect Replacement for an Old Wood Roof

If your home's current roof is made of wood shakes or shingles and you are considering replacing it with a different roofing material, metal roofing would be an excellent alternative for your re-roofing. Metal roofing is generally superior to wood roofing because it offers a longer lifespan, thanks to the fact that it is unaffected or relatively less affected by most of the elements that cause damage to wood.

Metal roofing offers complete protection against the following elements, which are notorious for causing deterioration of wood roofs:


One of the major primary causes of damage to wood roofs is decay. The combination of excessive moisture, water and warmth in your roof can provide favourable conditions for wood shingles or shakes to start rotting. Wood rot is irreparable and tends to spread over time. Thus, the affected wood will have to be replaced.

Unlike wood, metal is unaffected by the natural process of decay. However, metal is prone to rust when exposed to moisture and oxygen. The good news is that metal roof manufacturers usually apply a protective coating onto the surface of metal substrates to provide rust protection.


This is another common issue associated with wood roofs. It usually occurs because of poor ventilation in the attic. When wood warps, it loses its material strength, and this will compromise the structural integrity of your entire roof structure. Warped wood will need to be replaced.

Metal does not absorb moisture hence won't bend, twist or bow the way wood does. Hence, metal roofs don't warp like wood even when attic ventilation is poor.

Insect attacks

Another downside of wood roofs is that they are susceptible to insect attacks. This is because wet wood can be a source of food for wood-boring insect species like termites. Moist wood also offers a conducive environment for wood boring insects to live in and even start nesting.

Unlike wood roofing, metal roofing provides total protection against insect attacks. Metal does not retain moisture like wood and, therefore, does not create a favourable environment to accommodate destructive insects.

Before you can jump into selecting a metal roofing product for your re-roofing, you should be aware that all metal roofs are created equal. To ensure you choose the right product for your residential re-roofing job, you should talk to a metal roofing specialist about your specific requirements. These roofing specialists will also ensure your roof is properly installed.

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