Factors to Consider When Comparing Metal Carports

People who are interested in buying a metal carport for the first time may think that all metal carports are the same. Such people may later regret when they discover that they didn't consider the crucial factors that distinguish one metal carport from another. This article discusses some of the considerations you should have in mind as you shop for a metal carport.

The Surface Finish

Metal carports can be finished in different ways. First, the manufacturer may opt to spray paint the metal components. This is the least desirable surface finish because it rapidly degrades and you will have to repaint that carport frequently in order to protect the metal from corrosion.

Another manufacturer may offer galvanised metal finishes. These are one of the best surface finishes that one can select when buying a metal carport because the metal components will be protected from rust for nearly their entire service life. The other option is a powder-coated finish. This is also very durable. However, impact and abrasion can remove some of the coating. This will expose the metal underneath to corrosion. For example, a powder-coated carport post may have its finish damaged when that post is driven into the ground. It is therefore wise to consider your specific application before selecting a surface finish for your carport.

The Type of Metal

The importance of the surface finish will gain more importance if the metal from which the carport was made is highly susceptible to rust and corrosion. For instance, aluminium resists corrosion so the surface finish may only serve a cosmetic effect. Conversely, steel is highly susceptible to corrosion and must be protected with a surface coating. You should find out what type of metal was used to make the carports that you would like to select from. Select the strongest type of metal so that the carport will last for a long time.

The Gauge of Metal

Globalisation has made it easier for people to buy products from a wide variety of manufacturers. However, that luxury comes with a potential pitfall because the specifications of the materials used by different manufacturers vary. For instance, you may initially fail to know why two metal carports from the same type of metal and having the same surface finish may be priced differently. A closer examination of the product literature will reveal to you that the gauge of the metal used differs in those two carports. Observe the number indicated as the gauge of the metal used. Lower numbers usually indicate that a thicker metal was used. Select the strongest gauge available.

You will reduce your chance of having regrets if you use the information above to select the best metal carport. Consult carport suppliers for additional information in case you have other queries about how to choose between two carports that you have zeroed upon

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