Property Development Tips

If you plan to develop commercial property, you might have many ideas on how to go about the development. However, a professional opinion goes a long way in helping ensure the success of your development. Below is an article with some property development tips. 

Your immediate concern is the kind of property you can build on your parcel. Different zoning regulations and land planning ordinances determine the type of structures developers can erect. Visit your local council or consult your surveyor to determine the construction laws in the area. For instance, although the area is zoned for commercial buildings, are there restrictions on the height and orientation of the building? What demolition regulations should you comply with if you intend to rehabilitate or improve an existing structure? Are you required to maintain the original building's aesthetic, architectural and historical features? What measures should you observe to reduce susceptibility to natural hazards? For instance, you might need to reinforce the building to protect it from flood damage or install cladding to avoid wildfire damage. If the property on your land is adjacent to a body of water, check to see what distance you should maintain between the structure and the water. 

Next, assess your land to determine its properties. For example, what type of soil is on the property? Does the land have metaphoric rocks? What is the location of groundwater sources? It is an essential concern if you plan to build basements or underground parking lots. What is the slope of the property? You might need to conduct deep excavations if the land has a steep slope. Finally, assess how you can take advantage of the current landscape. For instance, you could opt to use existing trees to block light during the hot summers. Alternatively, a physical feature on the horizon could be utilised when building an infinity pool. Besides, you could use it as an interior design feature. 

Your next step is building design. The general principle is to hire an experienced team when designing the building. For instance, your engineering team will assess the ground conditions, the proximity of other buildings, the wind speed and prevailing natural disasters to determine how to strengthen the structure. On the other hand, architects design the interior and exterior of the building to make it a landmark in its surroundings. Finally, you need a contractor to erect the building from the ground up. 

When developing property, assess building regulations, examine your land and consider the recommended design tips. 

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