Does your water pressure need a boost?

Low water can be an issue for many homes and businesses. If the water pressure on your property has deteriorated over time, it is worth checking to see whether there is a leaking pipe or if debris is present in the pipes. If the plumbing in the building is good, and the problem is the water being delivered at low pressure, it can be helpful to purchase a pump to increase the water pressure. Pumps can increase the water pressure in your home and make your equipment operate more efficiently.

Why water pressure matters

There are some applications where water pressure doesn't matter too much. However, there are other times when it can be incredibly frustrating to wait for sufficient water to flow into a washing machine, coffee machine or even just a sink. The problem can be particularly acute if you need to run multiple appliances or types of equipment at one time. Fitting a booster pump helps the water to move along the pipe at greater speed so that it reaches the destination at a higher pressure.

How do booster pumps work?

Booster pumps use spinning propellers to agitate the water and boost the water pressure. You could employ booster pumps to increase the pressure of the water delivered to any single appliance, your entire property, or to ensure that the water can cover the distance between your property and the source of the water, whether that is a lake, a well, or a borehole.

Selecting a pump

There are many pumps available, and you cannot choose a booster pump at random. Before choosing a pump, you must complete some calculations to ensure that the new pump can provide the needed pressure. To start the calculations, you will need a pressure gauge. The gauge will tell you what the current water pressure is at your property. You must then determine what the desired flow rate is going forward. Working out a flow rate means deciding what the maximum number of appliances might be that must be running at one time. Once the flow rate is known, your supplier can help you select a pump that can match your needs and keep the water flowing to your property at the right pressure to supply all of your appliances.

To learn more about booster pumps and water pressure, contact a local contractor or pump supplier that offers products like Davey pumps.

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