Types of Survey Offered by Surveying Services

If you would like to know about the services offered by surveying contractors, you are in the right place. This article details some of the different types of surveys that may prove useful to those working in the construction industry. Read on to find out more.

Tree location survey

A tree location survey (sometimes called a tree identification survey), is an assessment of an area's standing trees (both cultivated and wild). Because the accuracy of a boundary or property line can be affected by the presence of trees — especially those which grow on or over the boundary — it is important to note their location. This type of survey aims to record as much detail as possible about each tree.

Topographical survey

Topographical surveys determine the current condition of a property in respect to its elevation and surface. The results of this type of survey can include details such as contours, maps and cross-sections. In addition, topographical surveys are widely used to assess land for its suitability for certain purposes. This can include agricultural use, forestry, construction and drainage.

Boundary survey

A boundary survey is aimed at determining ownership of land in relation to its location with respect to neighbouring land. The results of a boundary survey can include maps that show the boundaries of the property and the appropriate indices from which it may be possible to establish ownership.

Hydrographic survey

A hydrographic survey is a detailed assessment of the area's watercourse networks, including both natural rivers and those which are man-made (such as those used for drainage or irrigation). Surveys are used for various purposes including the valuation of land along waterways, accurate topographical placement, maintenance and inspection.

Dimension and levelling survey

A dimension and levelling survey is aimed at determining an area's horizontal dimensions (such as length and width) in relation to its vertical measurement (such as depth). For example, this type of service can be used to accurately determine the level of the ground with respect to a watercourse.

This article has shown you some of the range of services offered to the construction industry by surveying contractors. If you would like to know more about surveying services, then please get in touch with a local company that offers these services. A member of the team will be happy to talk about your current project how they may be able to help and assist you further.

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