Why You Should Clad Your Home With Vinyl

Although your house is built strong both inside and out to protect your family and possessions from the weather, it is the exterior of the building that bears the brunt of the daily exposure to the elements. Without any protection, the exterior surfaces of the house can wear off prematurely and the building could end up needing costly repairs or having a shorter lifespan.

House cladding is any layer of material that is attached to the exterior surface of a house to protect the structure from the effects of the weather. Other than acting as a skin for your home, cladding impacts the appearance and value of the home. This is why you should choose your house cladding wisely.

There are many different kinds of house cladding out there. One of the newer options available for cladding homes is vinyl. Vinyl cladding offers a number of practical benefits to homeowners. Check out some of its biggest selling points below. 

Vinyl cladding is great for kerb appeal.

If you are like many modern homeowners, you care about how your home exterior looks. Beautiful exterior surfaces increase the kerb appeal of your residential real estate as well as the value of the property.

Vinyl cladding comes in a wide selection of colours and finishes to match the style of virtually any home, be it traditional, modern, contemporary or anything in between. Plus, this type of cladding can be designed to look like pricier wood shakes and shingles. 

Vinyl cladding maintains a uniform colour throughout its life. The colour of vinyl is incorporated into the finished product during the fabrication process, so it looks consistent and won't fade after constant exposure to the elements. 

Vinyl cladding is a low-maintenance choice for homes.

Vinyl cladding is unaffected by most of the elements that damage other types of cladding, such as wood and metal. Unlike wood, it does not warp, rot or get eaten by insects. It also does not rust like metal.

Vinyl's ability to withstand rain, high humidity, direct sunlight and other elements makes it a great choice for homeowners who abhor the idea of painting or staining their house exterior from time to time in order to keep the surfaces protected against the elements. 

Vinyl cladding is relatively inexpensive.

Compared to other house cladding options such as metal and wood, vinyl is less expensive. This makes it the perfect choice for homeowners who don't have much to spend but still want to ensure their homes are adequately protected against the weather.

Talk to a residential cladding contractor near you to learn more about vinyl and other house cladding options.

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