Functional Home Extensions for Year-Round Living

Home extensions are something that you may be considering, especially if you are wanting to have more useable space. The problem is that many of these extensions may not be useable year round. If you are looking for home extensions that are functional and offer year-round living options, here are a few to consider. Keep in mind that many of these extensions can be done through the use of a general contractor or home renovations consultant.

Room-in-Roof Extension

When you think of home extensions, you may not consider the roof as an area for development. The truth is that one of the more popular extensions deals with your current roof and attic area. A room-in-roof extension allows your contractor to come in and renovate the roof so that it is insulated, wired and ready to become a living space. This renovation can now extend the roof into becoming a functional bedroom or guest room for year-round living. You can also transform the room into a home office, playroom or movie room as well. 

Granny Flat Extension

The beauty of a granny flat is that it can be used as a year-round living option for an elderly family member, a university student or guests. The extension can also be added on to an existing garage or can be part of a patio extension that is closed in and insulated. This type of home extension does require an increased amount of planning since most do have a private bathroom and possible kitchenette as part of the renovation. There are many design plans available for this type of extension, so be sure to consult with your contractor for ideas. 

Utility Room

You may consider home extensions that add immediate living space, such as bedrooms. However, there are home extensions that can give you more room throughout your home. One example of this type of extension is a utility room. The room can be added on easily to the house and can hold laundry utilities, storage for household cleaning appliances and storage for other items that may be taking up vital space within the home. These rooms usually require little insulation and may only need one electrical outlet that is suitable for the appliances that will remain in the room. 

When you are ready to add a home extension to your home, contact your local contractor. They can discuss your ideas and plans with you. They can also take your ideas and plans and develop a blueprint for the extension. Once the blueprint is complete, they will step in and help you with the implementation of the design and with any questions you have about the remaining process. 

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