Everything You Should Know About Tennis Court Surfaces

Tennis is an excellent activity for people of all ages. Unlike many sports, tennis involves jumping, crouching, running and other activities that involve full-body movement. It has both psychological and social benefits, especially if you play it with friends. However, to enjoy all the benefits of tennis, it is crucial to have a proper tennis court. In this article, we will discuss the main types of tennis courts, and the factors you should consider during a tennis court construction.

Types of tennis court constructions:

1. Grass courts

Most tennis courts in Australia have a grass surface. It is the oldest tennis court surface, and it has remained relevant all through due to its low maintenance requirements. Grass tennis construction usually takes time because the expert must access the type of soil, grow grass and wait for it to mature.

2. Carpet courts

A carpet or artificial court consists of artificial turf. The court surface is the best option in places where grass cannot grow well. It is also the best for the construction of temporary courts.

3. Hard-court

Commonly known as a court composition, the hard-court consists of concrete and sculpture. Due to its building materials, a hard court requires high maintenance standards. The upfront investment is also higher.

4. Clay court

A clay court consists of brick, stone and shale. Since it uses readily available building materials, the initial construction cost is low, and the maintenance is also cost-efficient.

Factors to consider during tennis court construction:

• Type of surface - As seen above, different types of court surfaces use different materials. If you need a permanent and durable tennis court, grass and the hard court will be the best for you. Deciding on the type of surface will also help you understand your materials requirements.

• Soil conditions - The type of soil determines the stability of the tennis court. To determine the type of soil, hire a professional geotechnical engineer to carry out detailed soil analysis.

• Orientation - Tennis court construction orientation majorly depends on the geographical location, as well as the time you will be using the court. For instance, a north-south orientation is the best if you intend to use the court throughout the day. 

• Costs - There are two main ways of cutting costs during a tennis court construction. Firstly, select the size and the surface which hits your budget. Secondly, work with an affordable tennis court construction expert.

If you are a tennis enthusiast, you probably have plans to build a tennis court. Follow our guide, and your tennis court construction will be a success.

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