Different Bath Styles For Your New Bathroom

If you want to create a luxury spa atmosphere in your bathroom when building your new home, you will need a relaxing bathing area. Baths have come a long way in recent years, and you will notice several types once you start looking around.

Built-In Tubs: Alcove, Corner And Drop-In Baths

An alcove bath, one type of built-in tub, is the standard version common to many homes. These tubs typically fit within tiling surrounds, some with a shower overhead. Options include single- or double-ended models. Baths with the tapware at one end, the single-ended versions, better suit one person as only one end can be comfortably leant against. A double-ended bath, which is set up with centre taps, allows for two bathers, as both gently curving ends can be leant against.  

A variety of alcove bath is the corner bath, which is a triangularly shaped version that goes into a room corner. These are ideal for small areas, and you can usually install a right-hand or left-hand option. Sometimes these models are extended and enhanced with massage and whirlpool jets to create a luxury spa feature. If you want to create something indulgent, this is definitely one way to go about it.

Another built-in style is a drop-in bath. While these models lower into a specially constructed cavity, the setup is different from standard alcove baths. For a start, they are often not set up adjacent to a wall but instead are positioned further away. The tub typically sits flush within a specially constructed deck or a raised platform. While these drop-in styles create a beautiful minimalist aesthetic, they can be tricky to step out of.

Freestanding Baths: Clawfoot And Pedestal

For a surefire way to create a luxurious atmosphere, you could try a freestanding bath. Rather than being encased within a built-in structure, these tubs stand independently for a modern look. Clawfoot and pedestal baths are two popular versions; the tub sits either on legs or atop a pedestal. The sculptured forms of these models make for beautiful centrepieces; shapes range from smooth, square-edged rectangles to organic oval tubs. They can be ergonomically designed to hug the body's contours and ensure a comfortable bathing experience. Because freestanding designs reveal more of the flooring underneath, they give a spacious effect as well.

This bath style provides versatility, as you can position it wherever you prefer. For a more conventional look, you could place it against a wall. Alternatively, you could set it more centrally for dramatic effect. Doing this will emphasise its artistic contours and curves even further. 

While freestanding and drop-in styles tend more to generate a spa-like feel, alcove baths can do this also, especially with large-format, stone-look tiling. New home builders can give more ideas on how to go about creating a beautiful, luxurious bathroom.

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