Top 3 Factors to Review When Shopping for Acoustic Panels for Your Home

In this noisy world, finding peace and quiet is increasingly becoming an elusive thing, even in once-serene neighbourhoods. Noise from things like public works, road traffic, open-air music concerts and outdoor sports events is a big concern for many homeowners. Thankfully, there are several effective ways to achieve the desired peace and quiet. One of them is through acoustic panelling. Acoustic panelling involves installing sound-absorbing panels on the walls and/or ceiling of a house in order to minimise overall noise levels within the home.

There is a huge selection of quality acoustic panelling products available to suit the needs of different homeowners. While this means there are many options available for homeowners to pick from, things can get a bit confusing for the novice. 

Here are a few crucial things to consider to ensure you choose the right sound-absorbing panels for your home.

1. Noise reduction qualities of panels

Acoustic panels are made using different kinds of materials, and each material has unique noise reduction properties. When you are shopping for acoustic panels, be sure to compare the noise reduction rating of the various products available to you. Generally, the higher the number, the more effective a product is at absorbing sound. As you can imagine, panels with a higher noise reduction rating cost more to buy.

2. Panel thickness

Acoustic panels come in different thicknesses to absorb the different frequencies of sound. Thicker is better, of course. Generally, thicker panels will exhibit better sound-absorbing qualities than thinner panels because they can absorb low-frequency sound that may pass through thinner panels. 

3. Panel design 

The acoustics industry has come a long way in terms of the design possibilities for sound-absorbing acoustical panels. A few decades ago, the panels were only available in a few materials, shapes and colours, as the design prioritised function over form. These days, however, panel manufacturers have also taken the form of their products more seriously.

As a result, there are more panel materials, shapes and colours now than before to create the visual impact that many modern homeowners desire. When you are choosing acoustic panels, look for a design that will look unique and aesthetic.

If you carefully review the above-discussed factors, you should be able to find sound-deadening panel products that meet your requirements and needs. However, if you are still unsure about which type of panels to use, consider talking to an acoustic panelling expert.

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