Leaking Toilet Plumber – Gasket Problems That Cause a Running Toilet

A leaking toilet can dramatically increase your water bills. And in these arid times where water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource in Australia, it is judicious for every homeowner to inspect their toilets for this problem and hire a leaking toilet plumber the moment this issue arises. Although leaking toilets are a common problem, not many people know what causes them.

The reality is that a leak will typically spring up when the tank's gasket has become compromised. This gasket functions to create a seal between the bowl and the tank of the toilet. Thus, it is essential to know why this problem will crop up so that you can understand how to avoid it plus what to look for to determine the source of the leak. Here are a few of the gasket problems that cause a running toilet that you should know about.

The toilet gasket has deteriorated due to age

If you moved into a pre-built house that is several decades old or if you have been living on the same property for several years, you should be wary of toilet gasket degradation due to normal ageing. While the rubber is designed for longevity, the continual exposure to water will eventually cause the surface of the gasket start to crumble. As a result, water starts to leak out of the toilet when it is flushed. A leaking toilet plumber should come in, scrape away the old gasket and replace it with a new and functional one.

The toilet gasket was installed improperly

Gasket placement is crucial to the functioning of your toilet, or you will end up with recurring leaks. And while the incorrect installation of a gasket can happen when it is initially installed, this issue typically comes about when the gasket is replaced by an amateur who may not know how to fit it snugly. So if you examine the gasket and notice that it is in excellent condition, but it is still leaking water, you should call a leaking toilet plumber to come and reposition it for you.

The bolts securing the gasket are corroded

The same way that the gasket will eventually wear as time passes, so will the bolts used to secure the gasket. Nonetheless, some people tend to overlook the replacement of the bolts and will go ahead and secure their new toilet gasket with the old and rusty bolts. Since the bolts are compromised, they will progressively come loose, which leads to a toilet leak.

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