How Skylights Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

Installing a skylight is a great way to add beauty to your home, increase its value, and even cut down your energy use by reducing your reliance on electric lighting. They're a popular home addition for these reasons, which are enough on their own to make having a skylight fitted a worthwhile investment.

If you're still not convinced, however, maybe some of the other benefits will make you reconsider. Adding a skylight for your home is actually great for your health and wellbeing, with effects that can make you feel better overall. Here's how a skylight can help you.

Increased vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for maintaining healthy bones and muscles, and it also has an impact on the way you feel. Although your skin produces it when it's exposed to sunlight, not everyone gets enough, especially outside of the summer months.

Having a skylight sends the sun's rays shining down into your home, so you're in contact with it more. Because of that, your vitamin D levels will be higher.

Better mood

How much sunlight you get can change your mood quite dramatically. If you spend a lot of time indoors, the shaded environment and artificial light can add to stress and depression.

When you've got a skylight, it's like your home opens up to let the outdoors in. It feels more open and bright, which really lifts your mood.

Inhibited mould growth

Mould can be quite a danger in your home, leading to respiratory problems when you inhale the spores.

A skylight helps control mould in two ways. First, the extra sunlight actually inhibits the mould's growth, making it easier to control. Secondly, it gives you better ventilation, which means there's less humidity and stuffiness to encourage the mould to grow.

Temperature control

Keeping your home at the right temperature isn't just a question of comfort, although that's certainly important for feeling good. If it's too hot, your sleep will be affected, and if it's too cold, you may be more susceptible to illness.

When a skylight is closed, it helps raise the temperature by bringing extra sunlight to your home. If you're too hot, on the other hand, you can open your skylight up for a refreshing breeze.

Less eye strain

Reading, working and watching TV can all strain your eyes in poor lighting, making you feel tired and causing headaches.

Artificial lights aren't always bright enough to counteract this, and if they are, they can be so bright that they make you feel worse. The beautiful natural sunlight you get with a skylight is perfect for comfortable reading and relaxation, making your eyes feel much better.

If these reasons have convinced you that it's time to get a skylight, contact local skylight window manufacturers to get the installation process started. 

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