How to create the perfect foundation for your property

The foundations are the most important part of any building. It doesn't matter how well built the rest of the structure may be, if the foundations aren't right the building isn't going to last. If you are planning an extension to your home, or even a completely new building you will have to concentrate on creating the right foundations for your property. The first step to creating the perfect foundation is to arrange for a contractor to visit your site and determine the prevailing site conditions. Professional piling contractors will be able to talk to you about the type of soil you will be building in, the calculations that will need to be made, and the most suitable foundations for your new structure.

Choose the right piling contractors

For the long-term success of your building project you will depend upon the advice you receive from your piling contractors so it is important that you have a contractor you can trust. You will need to thoroughly investigate your piling contractors before you agree to hire them and make sure they can offer completely satisfactory answers to your questions.

Do they have the right solution?

Discuss the project in detail with the piling contractors. Find out exactly what solution they are recommending for your foundations. Ask them why they are suggesting that particular solution and why they think it is the best answer to your particular problem. Listen carefully to their answers and don't be afraid to ask further questions if you don't understand something, or if their reasoning isn't clear to you. Complete trust between you and the piling contractors is essential.

Do they have the right equipment?

Working on your foundations requires professional tools and equipment. You can't afford to risk your foundation by choosing a contractor who says all the right things but can't back up their words with evidence of their abilities, or who is so over committed that their equipment is working on other jobs when they should be working on your foundations. Talk to your prospective contractors and find out what equipment they propose using and whether they will have access to that equipment throughout the entire duration of the project.

Do they have the right paperwork?

Check that the piling contractors have not only suitably qualified personnel, but a properly licensed and insured team of men to carry out the work. It may seem an unnecessary step, but if you are hiring contractors to work on your land you have the responsibility of ensuring that all of their work is carried out safely and legally, and that they have the relevant permits for any task they will be undertaking. It's always better to check in advance than risk allowing the men to endanger you, themselves or others.

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