7 Tips for a Squeaky Clean Skip Bin

Skip bins hold rubbish, and as a result, they get dirty. Luckily, it's pretty easy to clean them out. Check out these tips.

1. Clean Right After Pick Up

The best time to clean your skip bin is just after the rubbish has been picked up. Find out when your rubbish is collected and schedule some time to clean your skin bin then. Otherwise, you have to unload the rubbish to get in there.

2. Avoid Harsh Cleaners

As you're cleaning your skip bin outside, you may want to avoid using harsh cleaners. They can run down the parking lot to the storm drains, and you don't want cleaners going into the fresh water system. If possible, use a gentle, biodegradable soap.

3. Try Pressure Washing

To get your skip bin really clean, you may need to opt for pressure washing. If you don't have a pressure washer, you can hire one, or simply use your hose. There are relatively inexpensive attachments that increase the pressure of the water coming out of the hose, or you can use the old trick of balancing your thumb over the opening of the hosepipe.

4. Open the Drain

If your skin bin has a drain on the bottom, open that before you start cleaning. Otherwise, the water will pool in the bin and potentially lead to mould or mildew after you're done cleaning. If you can't find a drain, consider putting the skip on its side whilst cleaning it.

5. Use a Broom

A stiff bristled broom is ideal for cleaning a skip bin. It allows you to get into the bin without having to get too close. You can reach in from the top and scrub out the bottom, or you can place the skip on its side and scrub that way.

6. Line the Skip With Paper

Once you're done cleaning, you may want to line the skip with paper. You can use old office paper, newspapers or anything else you can find. This will make your skip infinitely easier to clean in the future. You just need to lift up the paper along with any dirt or debris that it has collected and throw it away.

7. Spray With Ammonia

Finally, you may want to put some ammonia in your skip. This can have very powerful odours, so make sure to do this in an open-air space. Once inside, the ammonia can help to deter a wide range of pests, which should help to keep your skip bin cleaner for longer.

To get more tips, contact a company that specialises in skip bins.

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