Construction Material: Three Essential Considerations for Timber Selection

Timber is a valuable construction material for your home and outdoor structures such as sheds and decks. However, when you are shopping for building lumber for your project, you should remember that all products in the market are not homogenous in quality. If you choose the wrong material, you will not enjoy the desired results. For instance, your structure could fail if you purchase and install inappropriate wooden products. If you are uncertain about the right timber for your project, consider these crucial factors when selecting your materials.

Resistance to Exposure

When timber is installed, it will be exposed to diverse conditions which could interfere with performance and durability. Therefore, you should think about the lumber's ability to withstand the harsh environment within which it will be installed. If you are planning on building the wooden structure indoors, this is not a significant concern. The timber will be protected from humidity, harmful solar radiation and fungal growths. However, if the boards or panels will be installed outdoors, this is a critical concern. You should make sure that your wood is resistant to pests and fungi. Also, it should be treated to prevent penetration of moisture and to protect against damage from UV radiation. 

Aesthetic Appeal

You should compare your preferred timber products so that you can identify the items which match your visual expectations. In general, wood is favoured in construction applications because of its aesthetic appeal and natural charm. However, the appearance of all kinds of wood is not the same. Moreover, the choice will affect the harmony and ambience of your new structure. Therefore, you should evaluate the colour of the lumber you would like to purchase. Also, check the wood grain because this aspect has a significant impact on the surface. Additionally, you should consider the level of imperfections or knots on the lumber. There is no universal standard of beauty when selecting wood, so identify what works.

Financial Implications 

Finally, you should think about the financial implications of choosing specific types of timber for your construction project. The range of lumber products in the market is wide, so you will find prices which will match different budgets. If you have flexible financial resources for wood purchase, you should think about acquiring hardwood timber. This category of materials is exceptional because of the intrinsic durability and resistance to exposure. If your budget is limited, you can choose inexpensive softwood such as pressure-treated pine. 

You should discuss your timber options with your contractor or supplier for the best outcome. For more information, contact companies like Bowens.

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