3 Benefits of Using Blackbutt Timber

If you are in the process of constructing the home of your dreams, but you are unsure about the type of flooring you would like to install, you may have considered the standard options such as pine, oak and cedar. However, one type of wood you may not have considered in blackbutt. Blackbutt timber is cut from eucalyptus trees and has a great look. Below is a guide to 3 benefits of using blackbutt timber supplies as part of your house building project.

Blackbutt can be laid during construction and finished later

When working with standard timber, a contractor will normally have to construct the frame and roof of the house before laying the flooring. Blackbutt timber is so hardy that it can be installed during the construction of the rest of your new home without becoming damaged. It will stand up to the builder's boots and other heavy equipment placed on it during the building process with no damage to the inner fibre of the wood. Once construction is completed, you can then sand the blackbutt timber floor before adding a coat of varnish. The fact that blackbutt flooring can be installed during the initial construction can save you money and time, as you will not need to call someone in to install the floor once the shell of the house is complete.

Blackbutt is available in a range of lengths

Because of the height of eucalyptus trees, blackbutt timber can be supplied in a range of different lengths. The increased length of blackbutt is handy if you need to cover a large floor area. The more sections of timber which are used to lay a floor, the greater the risk that the floor will develop creaks and cracks. Using larger sections of blackbutt timber can help to prevent your floor from developing problems in the future.

Blackbutt can be stained a different shade at a later date

If you lay carpets or tile in your new home, the only way you can change the colour of the floor during a redesign is to lay a new section of carpet or tiling. Doing so can be a costly exercise. However, if you have opted for blackbutt timber, you can easily stain it a different colour so that it matches the walls and other colours you have introduced into your home.

If you would like further advice, you should contact a timber supplier.

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