Why you should use roof trusses on your next project

The roof is an essential part of any building design, yet roofs don't often get the consideration they deserve. When planning a new building the temptation can be to focus on making the best possible use of all the floorspace and ensuring that the exterior of the property is appropriate. In consequence sometimes little attention is paid to the design of the roof, beyond ensuring that it is watertight and able to bear the required weight.

By spending more time thinking about the roof design of your building you will be able to maximise the benefits of all areas of the property rather than just the floorspace.

Roof trusses are the framework of timbers intended to cover the space above a room and support the roof of the building. Prefabricated roof trusses have been successfully used in Australia for many years and they provide a design solution which is not only cost effective, but also offers great design flexibility to home builders. Increasingly trusses are becoming the only method for taking an architectural roof vision and transforming it into a working roof structure.

The main benefits of prefabricated roof trusses can be summarised as:

Design flexibility

Do you need a roof design that has to take account of skylights, hot water systems, air conditioning units and other household necessities? Using roof trusses makes this simple. With roof trusses you can accommodate raked ceilings, coffered ceilings, or box gutters, all of which can be difficult with some other roofing systems.

Cost effectiveness

Roof trusses provide a simple, cheap way to span distances of 15 metres or more without requiring internal supports. With the popularity of open-plan housing this capacity for long clear spans is often seen as being a particularly attractive benefit of roof trusses.

Compliance with established regulations

Using prefabricated trusses means that you can be sure they meet all relevant building standards. There will be no worries about whether your roof design is acceptable because you know that the system, and all the materials have already passed the required standards and are fit for use.

Easy installation

When you purchase prefabricated roof trusses they are delivered to your site ready for installation. You don't need to spend time trying to achieve the perfect fit and shaping the trusses to go in the desired location. Everything arrives cut to size and can be assembled quickly into the correct positions.

Prefabricated roof trusses are the perfect choice for your next roofing project, they will reduce your build time and save you money. Talk to a contractor at companies like Prefab Technology Pty Ltd about finding the right roof trusses for your building.

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