A Backyard Christmas Bash, Aussie Style: 4 Hires to Ensure Your Backyard Christmas Doesn't Ruin Your Home

When it comes to celebrating Christmas, Aussies do it like no other nation on the planet. While many other Christmas-celebrating nations are still wrapped up in their beds, snow falling outside, Australia is already beginning to celebrate Christmas, and in the height of summer to boot! This means Aussies get to celebrate Christmas outdoors, the opportunity of which is viewed by Brits and Americans alike with envy, as evidenced by an online survey by ALDI in December 2016.

That means the typical Christmas Day celebration for an Aussie involves beaches, backyards, and barbecues. Although Christmas is still several months away, you might already be exploring ideas for your next outdoor Yuletide celebration. If you are lucky enough to be blessed with a large backyard, you have the perfect location for a backyard Christmas bash. However, you might also be worried about the post-party damage to your home and yard.

If you plan on throwing a Christmas Day celebration in your yard this year, these essential hires will ensure your home doesn't get trashed by the incoming horde.

Backyard Floor Hire to Protect Your Grass

Your yard will be buzzing with activity on Christmas Day. Excited kids will be running endlessly while the adults lounge on chairs, enjoying alcoholic beverages and barbecued delights. Predictably, this means that your grass is going to take a beating. Unless you cover it, it may take weeks to recover from the prodding it will take from both human and chair feet.

To prevent the grass or even the decking of your backyard from suffering during the hectic celebrations, hire a floor to cover the areas where you expect the most traffic. There are various types of flooring available from timber to carpet tile so you can also tailor the look to fit in with the occasion, for example, green or red flooring—the colours of Christmas.

A Food Truck or Two for the Dinner Rush

In recent years, the popularity of food trucks in Australia has skyrocketed. This means that not only can you buy a mouth-watering meal from one of the many food trucks situated throughout Australia, but you can also bring them straight to your home.

Hiring a food truck or two to supply barbecued food and ice-cream treats for the kids means that your kitchen need not be taken over by dirty plates, overflowing bins and hungry pests looking for a free feed.

Bins, Bins and More Bins

If you plan on having a lot of people, you need to be prepared for the rubbish that is sure to be generated. Wrapping paper, paper plates, cans, bottles, wasted food - you name it -  you'll be called upon to take care of it. By hiring some bins or even a small skip bin, you can ensure that your property doesn't resemble a waste facility in the aftermath of Christmas Day celebrations.

Portable Toilets Are a Must

The average person pees about 6 to 7 times per day. If your backyard is to host a party for a couple of dozen people or more, you should consider the strain that might put on your toilet. Toilets aren't designed to be flushed dozens of times a day, and your hallway carpets and flooring weren't laid to accommodate dozens of pairs of feet traipsing backwards and forwards in the space of a few hours.

Hiring a portable toilet or two, one for men, one for ladies, means that your guests never even have to set foot in your house. There will also be a conveniently placed loo for all those kiddies that are full to bursting with pop and juice. Work with companies like Eagle Hire to find out more about portable toilet hire.

Your Christmas Day celebrations don't have to spell trouble for your home, toilet and yard if you hire these services in advance. Be sure too to provide a charging station for all the phones that are likely to be depleted of power due to the hundreds of photos that will surely be snapped for all those Christmas Facebook albums!

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