Why All Security Screens Are Not the Same!

Security screens on your windows can be a great way to increase home security without making the house feel like a prison. When you have security screens installed, you can keep the inside windows open and enjoy fresh air, while keeping those windows more secure than if you only had standard lightweight screens installed. While security screens are a good choice for any home, note a few ways they're all different, so you know you find the ones that work for your needs in particular.

Insect screens versus security screens 

Some security screens are actually meant to keep out insects more than potential human intruders. These screens will have a very small mesh that won't allow in flies, mosquitoes, bees and the like, but the material of the screens may be a lightweight aluminium. While these screens may not offer much room for someone to slide their fingers or a bolt cutter through and open the screens, a thin and lightweight aluminium may be somewhat easier to bend out of place.

Security screens will also usually have a smaller mesh, to keep out fingers and cutters, as mentioned. However, they will usually be made of a more durable steel, vinyl or PVC. These materials are difficult to bend or otherwise damage, so it's harder for a potential intruder to remove those screens from the windows.

Corrosion resistance

Consider the typical weather conditions in your area, as not all security screens will be as resistant to corrosion, fading and the like. For example, aluminium is naturally resistant to rust, so it may be the best choice for an area with lots of humidity and rainfall, or if you live near a body of water and your home is exposed to spray. If you don't like the look of plain aluminium, choose PVC or vinyl, as these materials also won't rust, but note that they can get very brittle in extreme cold, and be prone to cracking. They also cannot typically be painted, so you'll be stuck with the colour you choose at the time of purchase!

Steel is very durable but it does rust and corrode. Steel security screens will then usually be coated with zinc or another metal, to help protect the material. Steel can also be powder coated, which is like a paint, so you can choose steel screens of virtually any colour. However, that colour might fade over time, and especially when exposed to lots of direct sunlight or rainfall, so be prepared to have the screens recoated over the years.

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