Builders' Hardware for Tiny Home Construction

Some contractors are trying to expand their business and what options they offer in order to have solid work throughout the year. One way they are doing this is to expand into tiny home construction and repair. If this sounds like something you may be thinking about doing with your small construction business, then there are some pieces of builders' hardware you may want to have on hand so you can do more on-site repairs and construction.

Converter Hardware

One of the repairs that you may find yourself dealing with as a tiny home contractor will deal with power conversion issues and batteries. Most tiny homes will offer a power option that allows them to hook up to electricity once they are at a caravan park or something similar. The issue comes in when a tiny home owner has a home that runs on solar, electric, and even some gas power options. This can cause some electrical issues where power conversion may not occur properly or safely. Ideally, to fix these issues, you will want to have a back up 12v converter as well as switches, solar power supplies and related hardware. This is due to the issues with blown fuses and overloaded power supplies that may discontinue working in overload situations.

Corrugated Metal

When you think about corrugated metal you may think of small roofing projects such as sheds and carports. What you may not consider is that corrugated metal is used in tiny homes as a form of shower wall, bathroom flooring and even as window shutters. This metal can become damaged over time due to use or weather exposure. Having some smaller pieces on hand to replace and repair tiny home corrugated metal can be a huge time saver. This is especially true when a hailstorm or similar type of natural disaster may come through damaging several tiny homes in the area.

Compost Toilet Parts

The vast majority of tiny homes are owned and built by people who want to minimize their lifestyles. They want a smaller living space and want to reduce their carbon footprint or live a greener lifestyle. With that in mind, many of the tiny home enthusiasts will use a composting toilet rather than a traditional RV toilet or similar system. These composting toilets are generally fairly easy to maintain but may end up with damage to different components over time. By keeping parts such as extra ventilators, vents and vent assembly parts you can handle most of the repairs you may run into.

These pieces of builders hardware will be more common with tiny homes than with general construction. Keep in mind, that most of this hardware you will be using will be for smaller spaces and may be harder to find. Start making a list, as you do certain tiny home jobs, of the specialty hardware you need in order to ensure you have it for the next project.

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