2 Types of Glass Splashbacks Available for Decorative Purposes

Glass splashbacks are a fantastic modern alternative to traditional glass tiles typically used in bathrooms and kitchens. Their brilliant and lustrous finish invokes an elegant look and can instill a sense of lavish luxury into any room. Compared to glass tiles, glass splashbacks are tougher, more long-lasting, easier to clean and more hygienic.

If you are interested in installing glass splashbacks that are both functional and aesthetic, you should learn about the decorative options available on the construction market. 

Here is a look at two common types of decorative glass splashbacks you can find on the market.

Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are available in an extensive range of paint colours so that building owners can find a colour that suits their space. Most glass colours tend to look a bit different at different hours of the day. This is because colours are affected by the level of illumination in a room and the kind of lighting they are reflecting.

Generally speaking, lighter colours give an illusion of larger space by adding a more spacious feel to a room. This attribute is desirable in smaller or darker rooms. On the other hand, darker colours can help make rooms that are wide open feel a little more intimate and comfortable.

You can choose a paint colour from the wide range of colour options available, but if you have a particular colour in mind, you can bring it to your chosen glass splashback maker and let them create a match.

Printed Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks with decorative prints engraved on them look stunning. They are masterpieces that can add matchless beauty to your interior space. When you're selecting printed splashbacks, it is important that you stick to the subject matter.

If you find delight in the serenity of your flower garden, you can replicate that by including images of flowers and insects found in the garden on your glass splashbacks. There is no limit to the kind of images that you add to your splashbacks — you are only limited by the scope of your creativity. Installing glass splashbacks with images of your favourite flowers on your kitchen walls can add a feel of outdoor life to your interiors, for example.

Coloured glass splashbacks can come with or without prints, while printed glass splashbacks can be coloured or clear. Contact a glass splashback manufacturer today — they can always help you find products that match your exact requirements.

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