3 Important Changes to Convert Your Garage Into a Music Studio

If you have a garage that is not being well utilised, it can make sense to convert it into a more usable space. If it is already the jamming space for your band, it might be a great opportunity to turn it into a studio and take your music to the next level. 

Here are a few things you might like to do to make a garage into a great studio. 

Sound proofing

Your studio needs to be soundproofed so that your music is not affected by the outside noise as well as the neighbours not getting frustrated with the sound of your music. Soundproofing can involve placing insulation panels on the walls and roofs, sealing up gaps around doors and windows and potentially using double or triple glazed glass on the windows. The exact requirements will depend on the ambient noise in your location, your proximity to your neighbours and the volume of the music you play; after all, a folk band is probably going to be a lot quieter than a metal band. Builders can help you to evaluate the correct soundproofing for your new space. 

Power points

Garages tend to have a limited number of power points because they are not an area that traditionally uses a lot of electronic equipment. However, recording studios tend to need a lot of power points for amplifiers, microphones, recording equipment and similar items. It can be a good idea to oversupply the recording studio with power points so that you have some flexibility to charge up computers and telephones as well as to have space available if you end up getting new pieces of electronic equipment in the future. In general it's much easier to add these at the same time because you're already making changes to wall insulation and your electrical system.

Air conditioning

It can be a hot and sweaty business creating create music and you may need to upgrade your air conditioning to make sure that your studio is comfortable to use all year round. It can be a good idea to opt for a quiet and flexible air conditioning system like a reverse cycle air conditioner. 

If you are looking to convert your garage into a recording studio, you should speak to a builder who has experience in similar projects. They can help you identify all of the changes needed to make your garage into a great space to make beautiful music.

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