No Spirit Level? Here's How to Check if a Concrete Floor is Uneven

Concrete floors are commonly slightly uneven. For many people, it's not much of a problem, and the amount of tilt is not severe enough to cause any unexpected issues. However, there are some situations where you'll want to make sure a concrete floor is nice and level, like if you're planning on laying carpet over the top, or applying some sort of coating. If the floor is in a work area, it might also affect your work if it's not level.

So how do you tell if a floor is uneven if it looks fine? Using a large spirit level is the obvious way, but if you don't have one, there are a few other ways you can find out:


It's not recommended that you deliberately spill liquid on concrete, especially if it's not treated, as it can seep in and cause damage over time. However, if you've had accidental spills, they can help you detect unevenness. Look for liquids pooling in certain areas or running off in an odd direction. If either of these things happen, it's most likely that your concrete isn't level. You could also watch out for areas that don't dry as quickly as others after mopping. If the same spots stay wet for longer, water is probably running towards them.


These traditional childhood toys can be really helpful if you're trying to test how level a floor is. Start with one marble, and place it on different parts of the floor to see how it behaves. If you notice any areas where it seems to be moving more quickly or rolling determinedly in a certain direction, put down a few marbles at once and take note of how they roll away. If the marbles sit still or barely move, you should be fine.

Tape measure and pencil

This is the most fiddly and time-consuming but can give you an accurate idea of how a floor tilts towards certain edges. First, measure several points along each wall from floor to ceiling and mark them with a pencil. Then compare them with each other around the room, noting any discrepancies. If you have one side that measures shorter than the others, the floor is most likely sloping slightly in that direction – it's very unlikely that the ceiling is to blame. It's important to remember, however, that this won't tell you anything about floors that dip in the centre or at other points away from the walls.

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