Who You Need to Hire When You Subdivide Property

There are several reasons you may decide to subdivide property as a real estate owner. Some of the most common reasons are to create smaller plots of land that can reduce tax payments and even a mortgage. You may also find that subdividing your land may make it easier to sell during an emergency and to assign property to different family members when you die. With all of that in mind, you may be wondering who to hire to handle everything that goes into the subdividing of the property. Here are a few people to consider.

Land Surveyors

One of the first professionals you should call when you start the subdividing process is a land surveyor. The first step they will take is to survey the entire property and get the exact starting measurements and markers on the property. They will then consult with you to discuss how you would like the land divided. They will take your desires and specifications and create a general idea of the layout. They will then begin to survey the land to mark off the areas properly. Keep in mind that they will also take this time to look for any issues that may arise, such as natural hills or electrical lines, as these things may prohibit the subdividing of the property.

Real Estate Attorney

In order to make sure you are having the right paperwork completed and the deeds handled correctly, you may want to consider hiring a real estate attorney. Regardless of your plans for the land, you will need to have a deed drawn up for each new parcel. Each deed will need to be filed with the probate office and other legal offices as well. Your lawyer can handle the process and help you move through it easily. You will also have a deed for the parcel that houses your home if you will be remaining in the area.

Landscaping Contractor

Depending on what you want to do with the new subdivided land, you may want to have a landscaping contractor hired as well. Most can handle tasks such as fencing the different parcels, clearing the parcels, or performing land and soil testing for various inspections you may need to have completed. Make sure to inform your contractor that you own all parcels in advance so they can handle the property as a whole if that is an option.

These are just the basic people you will need to hire if you plan on doing a subdivision of your property. Other professionals may be needed depending on aspects of the process that may arise regarding your specific situation.

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